Program Session Formats - SIIM 2017
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SIIM 2017 Annual Meeting, June 1 - 3, 2017

General Sessions

Imaging informatics leaders and visionaries will discuss the advancement and innovation of enterprise imaging, as well as pose thought provoking questions that matter most to the imaging informatics community. Attendees will have the opportunity to hear from and engage with industry leaders as they provide insightful looks into current trends and the future world of imaging informatics.

Thursday, June 1
Harnessing Artificial Intelligence: Medical Imaging’s Next Frontier | Opening General Session | The 2017 Dwyer Lecture
Dwyer Lecturer: Keith J. Dreyer, DO, PhD, FSIIM
Vice Chairman, Radiology, Massachusetts General Hospital
Associate Professor, Radiology, Harvard Medical School

Saturday, June 3
Weaving a Fabric of Trust: Ensured Security, Privacy, Resilience, and Accountability | Closing General Session
Keynote Lecturer: Greg Shannon, PhD
Chief Scientist, Carnegie Mellon University, CERT Division
Former Assistant Director, Cybersecurity Strategy, White House Office of Science & Technology Policy

Core Topics

Presented in a traditional didactic setting, these sessions will address newly emerging and timely topics that are of interest to the imaging informatics community.

Thursday, June 1
Rad-Path Diagnostics: Rethinking Imaging Informatics
Health IT Security: Keeping Up with a Rapidly Changing Landscape
Order Entry CDS: From Implementation to Positive Outcomes
Answering Unsolved CDS Questions

Friday, June 2
Deploying a VNA with Integration of Multiple Clinical Specialties
Untried and True: Improving Patient Imaging Experience with Qualitative Research Methodology
State of the Standards
Delivering Value-Based Care Using Innovative Imaging Informatics
Understanding and Applying XDS & DICOMweb
The Science of Leading Change in Healthcare IT
Carnegie Mellon Showcase - Technologies that Will Help Propel Key Aspects of Imaging Informatics
Economics of Imaging Informatics
Radiation Dose Metrics: Current & Future Considerations

Saturday, June 3
Machine Learning in Healthcare
Enterprise Imaging: Re-Visiting the Basics
Improvement Stories for Informatics Professionals

Scientific Sessions

Blending traditional hypothesis-driven scientific abstracts with descriptive use case reports, discover updates from around the community on a range of topics of interest to imaging informaticists.

Thursday, June 1
Productivity & Workflow
Analytics & Deep Learning, Part 1
Quality & Performance Improvement, Part 1
Posters and Demonstrations

Friday, June 2
Quality & Performance Improvement, Part 2
Analytics & Deep Learning, Part 2
Reporting & Communications, Part 1
Reporting & Communications, Part 2
Posters and Demonstrations

Saturday, June 3
Enterprise Imaging
Analytics & Deep Learning, Part 3
Posters and Demonstrations


Broken into two sessions, SIIMposiums will pair an overview of the topic and introduction of the panelists. The SIIMposiums Overview sessions will entail a 1-hour session focused on providing attendees with a foundation and update on relevant topics. After a short break, SIIMposium Breakouts 2 will begin with immediate breakouts to focus on one or several aspects discussed during the Overview. These Breakouts will focus on practical How Tos, sharing of work, and advanced learning. Culminating the session, participants will come back together to share their group discussions/work with the entire audience.

Saturday, June 3
Two Paths Converge: Career Development Choices in Informatics
Paving the Road of Career Development in Imaging Informatics Breakouts

Learning Labs

Intensive small group sessions that focus on the development of individual skills and competencies in a well-defined area. Labs emphasize hands-on participation and offer guided skills practice, using materials such as software and resource guides to walk away with a product.

Thursday, June 1
Introduction to Hacking with FHIR and DICOMweb APIs
Advanced Visualization and 3D Printing

Friday, June 2
Introduction to Predictive Analytics and Deep Learning in Medical Imaging
CIIP War Tools: WireShark, DVTk, DICOM Anatomy, and SQL

Saturday, June 3
Data Visualization with R
Build Your Own Zero Footprint Web Viewer


Small group discussions designed to maximize peer-to-peer sharing and engage attendees in thought provoking discussions and debates. Moderators will guide the discussion and facilitate the exchange of ideas surrounding important topics.

Thursday, June 1
Introduction to SIIM: Acronym Soup
Orders vs. Encounters-based Enterprise Imaging
Electronically Stepping Out of the Dark: Radiology Opportunities in Social Media
Enterprise Imaging: Governance and Foundations

Friday, June 2
A CIIP Recertification Update from ABII
Who Owns Imaging? Enterprise Imaging Leadership
Educator's Toolkit for Imaging Informatics: From Basic Education to Advanced Learning
Dealing with Clinical Registries
Selecting an Enterprise Imaging Viewer

Saturday, June 3
Achieving Meaningful Patient Engagement
Enterprise Imaging Technical Challenges

Whiteboard Sessions

Focusing on problems and topics that are noisy, hard to describe, overlapping, and seemingly intractable. While often difficult to navigate, the problems must be solved, as their solutions unlock great value to the imaging informatics community. Moderators and attendees will work together in these discovery sessions to brainstorm and map out potential solutions.

Thursday, June 1
Enabling Research in Imaging Informatics

Friday, June 2
TCB: TCO to the CIO for the CIIP
Applying Patient-Centered Design to Healthcare IT

Saturday, June 3
Image Retention: Help Us Develop an Image Retention Policy that Makes Sense


A moderated presentation of opposing arguments that address current clinical controversies, combined with discussion that addresses opposing views of issues or controversies.

Thursday, June 1
Direct Patient Engagement: How Far Should the Radiologist Go?

Town Halls

Designed to provide an informal atmosphere where attendees interact with leaders in the field of imaging informatics. The sessions provide a moderator guided forum for the free exchange of knowledge and aim at first-hand learning.

Thursday, June 1
Imaging Use Cases: Challenges and Opportunities

Friday, June 2
Imaging Collaboration Tools: Radiologist as the Doctor's Doctor

Saturday, June 3
The Business of Imaging: Ruthlessly Quantifying Your Value Metrics

#AskIndustry Sessions

SIIM 2017 offers opportunities for the vendor community to participate in the education program, and present alongside SIIM faculty. Attendees gain valuable insights through vendor-professional interactions and find ways to collaboratively solve challenges faced by their institutions.

Thursday, June 1
Mitigating Risk and Creating Value: Enterprise Image Capture and Management
Weighing the Options: Enterprise PACS vs. VNA for Enterprise-wide Archiving

Friday, June 2
Strategies to Help Radiologists Create Value in the Eyes of Patients and Referring Physicians
Challenges and Solutions: Enterprise-wide Access of Diagnostic and Clinical Images
Data Interoperability With, and Access For, External Referring Physicians

Saturday, June 3
Role of Artificial Intelligence in the Future of Medical Imaging - What Do Vendors Think?

Special Presentations

Thursday, June 1
Don't Build a Workspace, Build a Radflowspace
Radiology Workspace Hands-On Learning Laboratory
Data-driven Imaging Biomarker: Learning Diagnostic Features from Large-scale Medical Images using Deep Convolutional Neural Network
Improving Report Quality and Achieving Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) Compliance Using Real-time Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Analytics

Friday, June 2
Radiology Workspace Hands-On Learning Laboratory
Pinpoint Spirometry: Quantitative Imaging of Lung Function
Enabling Clinical, Real-time Use of Very Large Datasets

Saturday, June 3
Workspace Paradigm Shift Using Disruptive Technologies: A Raging Debate
Radiology Workspace Hands-On Learning Laboratory
2017 SIIM Hackathon Project Showcase Presentation

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